• LOCATION: Leganés. Madrid
  • YEAR: 2001-2004
  • IN ASSOCIATION WITH: Francisco Domouso
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Ángel Baltanás

It is a building intended for social collective housing of 5 floors, corresponding to ground floor plus four, and two basement floors for storage and garage. The building is resolved with a "U" shaped floor plan, with two parallel axes following the mandatory building alignments contained in the Plan of Volume of the Special Plan of Interior Reform PERI-4.

The building is organized with six portals. The four portals located (two to two) on the long sides of the "U" each give access to 20 dwellings, four per floor. On the short side of the "U" are two other portals that give access to each 15 units, four on the ground floor and third, two on the first and second, and three on the fourth floor.

The action is committed to a volume of resounding contours capable of asserting its autonomy against a heterogeneous environment without any architectural interest. In the face of the hypological restrictions that the regulation imposes, abstraction is chosen as a compositional strategy in the façades. The composition of the elevations reinforces the strong lines of the built prism and blurs the details of the domestic program. They have introduced some terraces-gallery-clothesline that will collaborate effectively in the thermal control of the building and will suppose an energetic saving to the same one. The constructive system used in roofs and façade enclosures will collaborate in this purpose