• YEAR: 2016
A house and refuge in a coniferous forest.

A house and refuge from the manipulation of a verse by Luisa Futoransky: in my tree "I contain barely my tears with resin”.

A house and shelter, a tree house, one more. With roots, trunk and protective canopy, true shadow and repair for mine and for others.

A house inside out. Inwards the protective presence of the reinforced concrete trunk, the static and intimate; outwards the house seeks to be diluted in the forest, always present.

The interior of the house, resolved in a single space, closes on its four sides through a high-tech curtain wall. Curtains of mechanized metal links are arranged on three of their faces.

The interior of the house is a continuous space in plan and section. Centrifugal and centripetal at the same time, worked in section to be able to differentiate the different units that make up the program of necessities. Centrifugal towards its structural heart where stairs, server rooms and facilities are concentrated; centripetal towards the forest, to which the homomorphic spaces are projected where the collective life will develop.

Needs program:

The basement floor. With direct access from the outside it has a micro-apartment open to an English patio. It is intended as a refuge for mountaineers and other forest dwellers. It also has a room for facilities and a tool room and / or warehouse.

The ground floor. Projected entirely under the protective shade of the house and in direct contact with the forest, it has a living room, dining room, living room with a small closet-kitchen and parking for bicycles, and a vacuum over the English patio. The metal link curtain qualifies by means of its unfolding or folding all these exterior spaces.

The first floor. It has kitchen, dining room, living room, library and bathroom.

The second floor. On this floor there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. The bedrooms can be darkened by the activation of dense draperies that run on the outside of them. Bedrooms and bathroom overlook the perimeter ambulatory on the first floor.

The third floor. This floor has a study room, a bedroom and a bathroom. As in the second floor, these rooms also have darkening curtains.