• LOCATION: Melilla
  • YEAR: 2015-

Education is a SOLIDARITY ACTION of the whole community. Projecting a container that facilitates the educating task of adults and the vital discoveries of the students is the main goal of our work.

It can only become what the place allows.

The programmatic diversity proposed for this type of centers requires grouping thematic areas, building more a system than a plant in the traditional sense of the term. This system will allow, once the different areas are developed, to incorporate them into the logic of the whole.

The aim of the project is to seek the maximum simplification and repetition of the constructive solutions that allow its pre-fabrication and a fast process of execution of the works, and also get an image of sobriety that we understand is appropriate to this type of buildings and that will also offer a low maintenance cost over time.

The fundamental argument in the projection of the new building is the determination of the scheme in the herringbone shape, from which a large number of project decisions are concluded. The main one is to organize and classify the different constructions according to their use or condition, educational or other functional characteristic. The axis that connects the successive fingers that constitute the basic spine stands as a fundamental axis of the interior routes of the building, a real public street along which a large part of the circulations and interior distributions of the center accumulate. It is a clear scheme with direct and simple circulations.