• LOCATION: Madrid
  • YEAR: 2012

Level [± 0]. Unification of the infrastructural logistics network of communications and of the architectural constructions that structurally modulate the complexity of the program to constitute the border urban limits of the vast empty space generating the project. Drained to the horizontal platform of the river. / Transformation of Pº Imperial and Pº de Pontones in interchange viaducts.

Level [+ 5,3]. Recovery Imperial Station, connection with high-speed line and Underground line - decentralization Cultural services in the Peninsula. / Journal Headquarters and RTV connection M-30 to interchanger Pº de Pontones. / Archive-Library vertex Pza. De Fco. Morano. / Arsenals, workshops, classrooms, galleries and markets, interface with Imperial Station. / Recovery of the Stadium West Stand for RTV broadcast areas and intercom antennas. / Iberoamerican Forum buried in wedge of Pirámides Square.

Scale Model [1: 1000]. Territorial support, infrastructures and civil works: laser machining in cardboard. / Architecture: machining-milling in mansonia wood.