• YEAR: 2012
Complete refurbishment of a house located in the Vallehermoso street of Madrid destined for a family formed by a couple with two small children.

The main challenge with which we found ourselves was his "tube" house scheme with just one street window. Its long and narrow geometry, and its numerous subdivisions, darkness and lack of natural ventilation.

The work consisted of generating a fluid space that connects that exterior space with the largest number of rooms in the house. Lobby, kitchen, dining room, living room, the distributor where it has been projected in a large closet that frees the small dormitories of this endowment that has been greatly complicated its furnishing and use, and the shipments are make up this fluid space that solves all the needs raised by the owners. The normal walls of fixed partition are replaced by mobile partitions that allow differentiated use of fluid space when necessary. In the right balance between the privacy of each individual space and the fluidity of the large space all our design effort is concentrated.

In summary, all design efforts have been directed to ensure that from all rooms of the house you can feel the outside atmosphere.