We are Raimundo Alberich Cid and Emilio RodríguezJiménez. We started our careers independently in 1972 and 1992 respectively and since 1992 we have often collaborated on numerous projects and architectural competitions. In 2015, along with Carlos Alberich Lanzos, we set up Alberich-Rodríguez Arquitectos, a firm devoted to designing and managing architectural works capable of coupling architectural quality with the final social utility aim that guides our discipline, this being too often and very consciously neglected in favour of socially irresponsible private interests.

The focal points of our work are architecture and engineering. We also carry out work within the fields of urban planning and the cultural advancement of architecture, engineering and design. Our creations include numerous community and services facilities as well as infrastructures. Social housing has been a major part of our professional experience. To date, we have completed over 8000 households.

Either privately commissioned or awarded in architectural competitions, our work has been acknowledged by various architecture publications such as"Arquitectura", "Arquitectos", "Bauwelt","A+T", "On Design", "Detail"," Neutra","AV", "Techniques & Architectura", "Europ'A /arquitectura", etc. Further recognition comes from exhibitions and prizes awarded by various institutions including the Camuñas Foundation, theProfessional Association of Architects of Madrid, or the Spanish Ministry of Public Works to mention but a few.