• LOCATION: Leganés. Madrid
  • YEAR: 1999

Plot of reduced dimensions, 70 x 70 meters, and narrow block, 12 meters, in which the client wanted to promote 50 dwellings on rent and 50 on sale, in two totally independent phases in terms of access and garages, extending the said independence, after the works began, to the interior free space, materialized with a longitudinal separation fence. The order required only two types of program and housing (2 and 3 bedrooms).

The buildability was concentrated in four blocks, of five floors, of smooth facades, supported on the outer limit of the plot, renouncing the morphological laws of the closed block typology. In the basement there is a parking garage, on the ground floor there are four dwellings for disabled users, the access portals and commercial premises, and on the upper floors there are the 96 remaining units, grouped in four by floor around the vertical communication cores.

The exterior gaps are reduced to a single type of window (0.82 x 2.00 meters), adding to those corresponding to rooms a fixed central partition, distributed with a certain degree of randomness, resulting in an image similar to the random perforations of the old IBM computer cards. With the vertical format it was intended to introduce a certain balance in the disorder. At the same time, the use of bricks bonding to << dry joint >>, emphasizes the horizontality of the wall facing the verticality of the windows. The location of the elevator machinery rooms on the ground floor, allowed to design flat roofs, free of building, except for the concrete visors for the covering of the drying yards.