• LOCATION: Paisaje agrícola
  • YEAR: 2016
"Only the twenty-four-hour cycle and solar radiation can teach us how we should build. Behind them, the whole cosmos is revealed, advancing towards man and preparing to embrace him on his chest, like the prodigal son to whom he wishes to restore his rights "(Le Corbusier)

It is a house of small size developed in an agricultural landscape and ordered according to an orthogonal grid. A nine squares plot of three meters on each side confluent. The different programmatic uses that can choose their best place depending on the solar cycle and / or the views are also confluent. It is this indeterminate space that finally characterizes the house, an indefinite space in terms of program and limits. A space of reduced spaces whose assembly in continuity "circular" produces an amplification of it that is enhanced by the arrangement also continuous, without cuts, of the glass panels envelope that closes its contour. Housing evolves, unfolds freely and informally around its central services core.

The architecture proposed in this house seeks to be a continuously renewable experience (like a Rubik's cube), a clear and direct way of feeling and trying to coexist in a more fluid way with the environment, away from the routines and conventions that increasingly imposes the current media society.

In the countryside we experience extension, horizontal vision. The proposed house accepts this feature, without being intimidated by it. Its situation in depression brings us closer to the horizon, limiting it, domesticating it, while allowing us the vision of the sky, the almost physical capture of it.

A patio equipped with a pond modulates the necessary transit between exterior and interior, qualifying it, and indicates access to the house, difficult to recognize, given the homomorphic nature of it.

The deck, all accessible, becomes a true observation platform of heaven and earth, and of its events.