• LOCATION: Serranillos del Valle. Madrid
  • YEAR: 1998
  • IN ASSOCIATION WITH: Francisco Domouso / Ginés Garrido
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Ángel Baltanás

The intervention is committed to a volume of strong contours capable of asserting its autonomy in the face of a heterogeneous residential and recent environment of single-family dwellings in a suburb with no architectural interest, and of other traditional ones with which, yes, dialogue is desired. Popular abstraction is chosen as a compositional strategy in the elevations. The facade openings appear where they are needed for interior use or views, as in traditional popular architecture, always abstract.

Plinth resolved with natural stone, the white plasters, as well as the scale and volumetric treatment of the projected building, collaborate in the insertion of the same in the Villa de Serranillos del Valle.