• YEAR: 2015

The project includes the integral restructuring and expansion of an existing residential building to adapt it to a single-family home. The existing building, protected with a degree of partial cataloging, is part of a group of 4 townhouses. The façade cataloged to its original state was restored emphasizing the contrast of this with the proposed extension, in order to provide an adequate response to what was reported by the CIPHAN. 

The new building is on the existing building footprint, respecting the lightwell yard with the adjoining building.

Three floors of residential use are built on the ground floor; the 2nd and 3rd floors are set back from Campanar Street. 

The roof is adjusted to what is indicated by the CIPHAN and supports the equipment for solar energy collection. In the ground floor, a basement is located for installations. 

The program responds to the property needs and requirements. The situation of the staircase and the elevator allows the movement across all the floors of the house without interfering in the privacy of the users of the same.

The house has a backyard closed by walls and covered by tree canopy. In it a pond has been installed.